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This years tour commences in Mount Barker on June 30th. More updates soon.

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Author and entrepreneur Kathleen O'Dwyer has been a huge support in the development of Economic Vision.

She grew up near the Darling Ranges just East of Perth Western Australia. Her mother was a talented artist her father was a mathematical genius. Her formal education culminated in a teaching degree, graduating in 1973, having chosen teaching through a desire to help others. Then taught over a 30 year span, touching many lives in a positive way.

Kathleen took time from her career to raise her two children as a single, but full time mother, at the same time she also had a variety of part time and casual working experiences.  Being a full time mother had her financially challenged for over a decade, yet by using her innate skills to simplify, organise and plan, she maintained control over her finances and led a happy yet simple life.

This led to a desire to help other women experience the joy of full time motherhood, without the economic hardships she endured, and now works with mothers so they may achieve this for themselves.

All through her life she has helped and supported people even though her own situation was, at times, dire. There was always a hot drink and conversation and the occasional meal for visitors.

With an exceptionally enquiring mind she has a variety of interests, some of which are, alternative healing modalities, environmentalism, psychology, anthropology, sociology and organic gardening.

Now a Grandmother, she enjoys continuing to learn and teach, saying that you never stop learning as long as you live. Her love of children is very apparent, often stopping people in shopping centres to look at the babies. "I just can't help myself," she says "they are all so beautiful and special. They are our future and we must raise them with love and wisdom."

There are many people who love and admire her. Her wicked sense of humour and enduring faith has been, she says, sometimes the only thing that got her through the extremely tough times.

Today, Kathleen's life is far more secure and vibrant as she pursues many interests and is now enjoying life to the full.
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