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This years tour commences in Mount Barker on June 30th. More updates soon.

Success is based on what you know and what you're prepared to do to get it!
Remember; 'Success and security is based on multiple sources of income.'

Books change lives and readers become leaders.
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Economic Vision
creating financial freedom

Adj Prof Dr Brett Davies .
Legal Consolidated Barristers & Solicitors 
University of Western Australia. 
"Very few people have the combination of strategy, marketing, perspective, and real-world success that Kim Stedman does. You don't build a string of successful ventures across the business spectrum by accident. Simply put, the guy knows how to build sound, profitable businesses, brands, and platforms, and he is equally adept at sharing that know-how with others. His excellent book in this regard is right on point. If you need to get unstuck and want some creative-yet-proven insights and strategies to help you grow your business, seek support from Kim and get ready to be blown away."

Bradley Cochrane
(Financial Planner)

There are any number of books out there on Financial Planning, however the reason this book caught my attention is because it has been written for both Financial Planners and their clients. Easy to read and understand the only hard part is applying what you read. It is a book on not only how to handle your financial future but also on how to live life, a balance that is admirable in this day and age.


Bradley Cochrane

Financial Planner, Perth WA

John White

Community Development Consultant at Soulair-Rural

  "Kim is a man of integrity and wisdom. He values people and the deepest human values above all else. I have known Kim for over fifty years as a friend and colleague, and all my interactions with him, professionally and personally, have been characterised by openness, honesty, and determination to seek life-giving outcomes. He is a valued mentor to many, a father, grandfather, and an authentic human being."  


            Your life will be enhanced by time spent with Kim."

Clancy Tucker
Author, storyteller, speechwriter, photographer,
human rights activist, social justice campaigner
and sometime poet 

" Kim Stedman and I became close mates by chance. However, some chances in life should never be missed. Kim writes poetry and prose with sensitivity and purpose. He also, like me, has had an interesting life and is prepared to share it. I'd recommend that you listen to whatever he has to say should you attend one of his talks. You just might walk away feeling good about yourself. Can't ask for more than that, eh ?"

Rick Olson Co-founder F.U.S.E.
(Family: Unify Strengthen, Empower!)


" Kim has been a leader and inspiration to my wife and I for over seven years. His clarity of thinking and his ability to help us focus as we build our big dreams has helped us move our passion into reality.

With his wit, enthusiasm for life and his unfailing support, he has constantly been a guide, a friend, and a mentor in our journey.

Kim has a lot to give and the ability to give it.

Listen to him! ... you will be glad you did."

Dan Kimball


" Kim's coaching through some of the most difficult times of my life have resulted in changes that are nothing short of phenomenal. Of course I can take credit for some of the changes that occurred in me but I also owe Kim the world for the coaching that he provided me personally in my journey over the past months in particular. His advice and coaching and caring has been immense.

There is no way that I can thank him enough for sticking with me and guiding me out of great darkness. and into the clear light that now makes it seem so easy. His keen perceptions and personal experiences have helped to shape my understandings in ways that has changed my life.

I'm vastly better off because Kim was there to help.

He's an extraordinary guy.

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