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This years tour commences in Mount Barker on June 30th. More updates soon.

Success is based on what you know and what you're prepared to do to get it!
Remember; 'Success and security is based on multiple sources of income.'

Books change lives and readers become leaders.
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Economic Vision
creating financial freedom


The Money Tree
By Kathleen O'Dwyer

A very rare and precious small tree.
Has a variety of blossoms all year round that is said to add to your lifestyle.
Requires regular fertilising with proper advice and a rich thinking environment.
Also requires a light pruning every month of dead ideas and complacency.
Very easy to propagate with the correct advice, working ethic and visualising techniques.
Said to be found only in the land of dreams and hope.

The Economic Vision workshops teach the "Seven Keys' as well as hands on training in the skills that form the basis of creating the foundations of personal financial freedom. To build anything worthwhile is going to take skills, tools and a new way of seeing things. The Economic Vision Resource Centre can provide them.

Kim Stedmans'  book, 'Economic Vision',  is more about 'a state of being without anxiety' than it is about money. It's not news that we live in a world that is becoming more pressured by the day. Because of the things we have been programmed to 'need' (really it's 'want'), one of the greatest pressures we experience comes from our reliance on,  and actual need for, a certain amount of money.  'Economic Vision' is a user-friendly,  common-sense , practical guide to managing the money aspect of your life in a way that reduces the angst about finances to an absolute minimum. 

However, as useful as the book is, I hope you get to experience and appreciate the essence of the man who wrote it. Kim is the real deal; a humble and authentic human being who has learned and is open to continue learning the lessons of the life-journey, and has much of deep value to offer any who come his way.  I commend to you Economic Vision and it's author, my friend, Kim Stedman.

John White
Psychotherapist and fellow traveller

2:     " Simply Brilliant Budgeting" by Kathleen O'Dwyer is a powerful yet simple to read book that clarifies the importance of budgeting and why it is a major cornerstone in creating financial freedom.

Here's what Kathleen has to say about "Simply Brilliant Budgeting.'

Voluntary, controlled and appropriate change
can enhance the outcome dramatically.
Helping you achieve what you want.
It puts you more in control.
can enhance the outcome dramatically.

Kathleen O'Dwyer
Teacher, Author, Entrepreneur

Read the first chapter of Simply Brilliant Budgeting.

3: C.M.S. (Cashflow Management System) There is a saying that goes if you fail to plan you are planning to fail! After all we spend a lot of time planning what we're going to wear to look our best, maybe workout in the gym to feel our best and we certainly plan to get to work each day and home again. Yet so many of us fail to plan how make there hard earned money go further, let alone work for us. It can be used to see how spending will affect your financial position, helping to make better financial decisions. After that it becomes a way ensuring that your spending stays on 

4 :   Economic Vision coaching and consulting. A few short hours with author, entrepreneur and master facilitator Kim Stedman will supply you with the knowledge and the skills to design your own debt free financial future.

As well there are many great resource books that we can recommend by well known successful people.
seven keys of financial freedom