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This years tour commences in Mount Barker on June 30th. More updates soon.

Success is based on what you know and what you're prepared to do to get it!
Remember; 'Success and security is based on multiple sources of income.'

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Economic Vision
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Have you reviewed your 2017 financial objectives ?

   Each quarter it's worth reviewing your success to date. Time also to reflect on the goals and objectives of the next 21 then 90 days.   It takes 21 days to establish a habit/routine and as little as 90 days to establish a lifestyle.

      Today is a good time to layout your endgame for 2017   so you can hit the ground running on July the first. Imagine Christmas 2017 with passive income and the peace of mind that brings.

      It really is as simple as a pen and piece of paper and identifying what you really want and what you are prepared to do to get it.

      That's the first of the seven Economic Vision keys to financial freedom.

  The next twenty one days can establish new habits and
ninety days lay the foundation of your new lifestyle.


  Economic Vision  is  about gaining proper and effective understanding and use of your money and how it affects your life and close relationships. More importantly, what can be done to change your situation.  In the early 1990's research began into money management strategies for clients. This has continued to the present day because of the dramatically changing global socio-economic environment and climate.

It was never my intention to write self-help books, but the number of clients who were struggling with finances despite good incomes created a need to address the issue. Most gained a great deal from learning about the basics and were then able to use their incomes much more effectively.

  Are you happy with what you're able to achieve financially? 

You can find out by taking the self-test, This test comes from long term analysis of the clients financial strategies and knowledge. It provides you an immediate insight into how secure you are financially in the short, medium and long terms.

  If you find you're not as secure as you want to be,  begin by knowing the following:

  Your situation is normal for many. 

  It's found in upwards of 60% of the population, too many to be an anomaly, yet not enough to be well understood by the majority of those around you.

  It's an indication of the failing of education both the system and what we've learned from others who were probably no better informed than ourselves. In fact, economists have found this in most groups of income earners across the board. This includes blue and white collar workers as well as the self employed.

  You're more aware of the need for change, but available information only provides a 'part of the picture'. This is mainly because of the way the educational system is structured in both how and what it teaches. I simply means that it doesn't go far enough in some areas.

  This means we process information relating to our finances from a perspective of learning to find a job and become gainfully employed. Which isn't a viable answer in the face of technology and globalisation replacing jobs we thought would last us all our working lives.

  So even if you are employed now, for example, you may in the future need to retrain (an additional cost) simply to replace the existing income not more.

  Your workload demands tax your health resources physically, mentally and emotionally and you are more easily overwhelmed. That is if you notice it at all. The incidence of stress related illness in the workplace is growing exponentially and you are naturally going to be feel the stress when things are too intense, complex, chaotic, or novel for a long time.

  What is not a new discovery is that we are going to need to keep increasing our income merely to keep up with inflation. What you buy for two dollars today will cost you four in ten years time. And this is all before we consider declining health or retirement.

  What has been misunderstood is that we're looking at the immediate situation wherein we might be comfortable. However any one of a number of things can change that very quickly and dramatically. Without contingency planning there can be additional stress which affects all who depend our effectiveness in the workplace.

  But this oversight is learned, not innate. In fact, it has also been called indebtedness, blissful ignorance, or naivety. Some behave in these ways, but it is not innate to do so and not the basic trait.

  We spend so much time working for a living that we don't feel we have the time or the energy to make the changes that can significantly improve our overall situation. This is the great oversight. Businesses work on five and ten year visions and plans yet the individual works and lives from pay to pay. The same individuals whose efforts make the business work.

  Finally there are very few systems that start with the basics. The things that can 'make it all work' to our advantage. Those who have this information tend to build strong and secure foundations for themselves and their families. They become secure and that provides security and strengthens the family and the communities they live in. The Economic Vision programme provides a framework towards a well structured plan for future financial security and freedom.

  So again, welcome to this website. You are not alone. If you want to know more about laying the foundations of financial security, consider the following ways of becoming more informed or to let others know more about you:

  Secure your copy of and read Economic Vision which is a general introduction to the aspects of our lives that are relevant to our age. Considering the needs and wants of each particular age group and the importance of planning and strategising. That is designing a plan that will enable the most efficient and effective means of achieving the plan and allow more effective use of income.

  Read the insightful companion book ' Simply Brilliant Budgeting' ( author Kathleen O'Dwyer) which is based on the strategies that a fellow author and now retired school teacher distilled as a single, mortgage paying, parent in the 1980's. This was when interest rates hit 18%.

Kathleen O'Dwyer says,

" By implementing simple techniques you may reduce your outgoing expenditure and thus increase you leftover income, or even create one. This gives you a starting point towards being in control of your personal finances. And all without compromising your lifestyle."

Register to join the Economic Vision blog list and receive regular helpful insights and updates on how you can use the economic climate to your advantage. The Financial Security Workbook can be read and used in conjunction with the two books. It sets your financial thinking and practices in the direction of your main economic goals. This ties in with your social, emotional, and work life. Helping you take better care of yourself as you restructure the way your income works for you. Like the two books the Workbook has been previewed by clients and teachers to make it "user friendly," useful and thought-provoking.

About Kim Stedman

Besides beginning the study of the financial services sector with AMP in Fremantle, Western Australia in 1988 Kim earned his Diploma in Financial Planning from Deakin University, Melbourne. The development of financial self management began in 1995 out of recognition of the inadequacies of the education system, social networks and associations. Economic Vision was officially launched in 2003 as an educational platform in the foundations of personal financial self management and security.

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By Kathleen O'Dwyer

This powerful but light-hearted look at money management really turns on some bargain basement ideas that will both surprise and encourage you. Even if you think you’re doing all right now, there are ideas and strategies that can make things simpler, more effective, and improve your overall financial situation.

By choosing to run with these ideas, you can add some fun to the family life too.

By Kim Stedman.

This book contains the Seven Keys to your financial freedom.

With the instability of the global economy, you may be looking for answers on how to survive. Many people hesitate to go to financial planners and ask questions because they don’t understand the financial world or are afraid of being given bad advice. If this is you, this book is perfect for you.

After reading this book, you'll be better informed and more financially confident. In Economic Vision, author Kim Stedman sets out a system to provide the solutions you seek. He serves as an educator who aims to help you become better informed and give you more control over your financial future. After hearing Kim’s solutions, you will be able to understand the advice that financial advisors give you, and approach your financial future with much greater confidence.

Read an extract from Economic Vision here!

Buy the Ebook here!

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